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Many adolescents suffer from anxiety, panic and other high-stress symptoms due to pressure from academics, planning life after high school or peer groups. Stressors can cause behavioral issues, loss of self esteem or struggling in connections with family and friends. 


Not only can therapeutic work help teens manage stress symptoms, it can uncover social problems, skill deficits or potential mental health issues, as well as prepare young people for adulthood by offering them skills to efficiently manage stress throughout their lives. 


People are all different, and my therapeutic work honors that truth by tailoring sessions to the individual’s unique concerns.


 Acknowledging that it takes dedication and courage to forage a new relationship with a mental health professional, I establish a dialogue of trust to gain helpful insight. I routinely ask for feedback to ensure clients are experiencing a comfortable and safe therapeutic process that will enhance quality of life. 


A healthy relationship between two people requires open communication and trust. Couples who elect to work with me are guided to establishing solid dialogue with each other that can alleviate the wounds caused by infidelity, trauma, addiction and other obstacles. 


A customized treatment plan, developed with the couple in mind, addresses the psychological, physical, social and spiritual aspects of the situation. With warmth and empathy, I can offer sustainable, healthy change. 


As your LGBTQ+ therapist, I offer an educated and experienced understanding of the unique challenges you face. I’m able to help couples and individuals from the LGBTQ+ community constructively process any discrimination from family, acquaintances or colleagues, while addressing mental health issues with compassion and cultural awareness.


Are you seeking a therapist who can help you navigate your values and commitments to your Christian faith and/or spirituality? I specialize in providing spiritually-guided therapy beyond working with a pastor, priest or religious mentor, as well as a safe, non-judgemental space to explore and expand your own set of beliefs.


A family is made up of individuals who are working toward a common understanding and standard of emotional health and healing. As an experienced family therapist, I can help your familial unit understand and honor each person as an individual, as well as how each contributes to the whole.

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